Matthew Belanger

new media artist

Selected Works


an installation of dozens of electronic pigs roaming freely about the gallery



an installation of lamps borrowed from the community and networked across three spaces



a landscape installation produced with products purchased from Wal-Mart recreating the natural world

The Saddest Thing I Own

a website repository of life’s saddest objects and their heart-wrenching stories submitted by people around the world

Dolls, Demons & Deities

Dolls, Demons & Deities

a short video documentary revealing Santeria practice in Havana, Cuba

Clarus The Dogcow


a series of digital collage treating modern icons and themes as if they were thousands of years old cave paintings and artifacts

Raymundo Santiago

Raymundo Santiago

a short video documentary depicting the life and work of artisan woodcarvers living in a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico

Unknown Person

Projections of Self in Cyberspace

a series of portraits of online video chat encounters with friends and strangers in the late 1990s

The Weather Channel (06/22/1999)

Television Programming

a series of photographs revealing the complex patterns found within an entire day of broadcast television



a series of photographs documenting consumer culture taken in large super markets and big box retail stores


a series of black and white documentary photographs taken in Prague, Czech Republic in the years following the Velvet Revolution