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An Interactive Pop-Up Book.

FEUD is an illustrated movable book that depicts the real-life bloody quarrel that occurred between two Appalachian families, the Hatfields and McCoys, in the period following the United States Civil War. Through the use of traditional pop-up book mechanisms as well as electronic switches and sensors embedded within the pages of the book, light emitting diodes, motors, and more can be activated by the reader.

The first six spreads, I: Two Families of the Tug River Valley, II: Death of a Union Officer, III: The Hog Trial, IV: The Lovers, V: Murder on Election Day, and VI: Retaliation, were debuted in prototype form at the 2012 MoCCA Festival, an independent comics festival held annually in New York City. Twelve spreads total are planned for the volume.

Special thanks to Catarina Mota, Danny Rozin, and the Advanced Media Studio at NYU.

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